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Marketing in Times of Uncertainty - What Advisors are Saying

by The Seven Team

As the country settles into the reality of social distancing, and we are all figuring out how to work effectively from home due to COVID-19, the advisor-investor relationship is going through a big shift – the unknown of a bear market, remote communication becoming the norm, and digital channels becoming more important than ever.

We thought it would be helpful to provide some of the best ideas we’ve come across in our discussions with financial advisors. You are all working hard to stay connected with clients, and for many of you, this is resulting in an adjustment across new and existing business.


Here’s what we’ve seen work best:


Develop a Consistent, Weekly Point of Contact

Whether it’s a Sunday night email/blog post, a Tuesday morning market recap you throw up on Facebook or LinkedIn, or a short video of yourself you post on your site and promote across channels – the key is original content. It doesn’t have to be overthought – just get your voice out there consistently. Everyone is looking for stability and a calming voice, so this is a great time to build brand awareness. Guide your clients across multiple topics, figure out ways to give back to your community digitally, and make contacts that can bring in assets long term by providing value during this time.

Understand the Current Opportunity With Existing Clients

Take time to review opportunities of entry for your current clients – there may be many clients who want to enter the market due to the volatility but just haven’t had the time or ability to reach out yet. Check-in with current clients, top clients and the lower tier – you never know who wants to put money to work.

Focus on the Other Ps of Marketing

Tuning up your practice with regards to price, product, positioning, and place can be very foundational. Be there for your clients, focus on other areas that may give you the uptick you need. Spend some time figuring how you’re positioning your products and services – think about your pricing model, now is the time to optimize your practice in ways that may not mean new clients, but it can set you up to be successful long term.

Expand the Referral Network

You’re already in contact with your existing clients about market volatility. Talk to your clients about referrals.  Offer to have a no-strings conversation with anyone they know that is experiencing confusion or distress about what to do with their portfolio.  After 2008, some of the biggest books were built on referrals because clients were happy with their advisor – regardless of what the market did.

The Bottom Line

Navigating the world of marketing your practice right now can be difficult and confusing – that said, advisors are finding ways to net new business, service current clients, and reshape their practice. Focus on the things you can control, service your community, and revisit foundational marketing elements.

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