We help financial advisors build a marketing model that works.

Our Story

Rooted in 20+ years of experience and hatched out of an investment manager, Seven Group enables financial advisors to build a sustainable marketing model. We’re a group of marketers, writers, analysts, and doers.

Rooted in Six Principles

Everyone is a Marketer

We help every advisor we work with to become a marketer and build a marketing mindset as they evolve their organization.

R&D Through Action

We believe the best R&D is done through action and real-time learning. Testing content through various distribution channels is the best way to learn about client behaviors.

Scale Through Ownership

We enable you to scale through owning your marketing and communications in-house. Not having to outsource your efforts results in rapid scale.

Solutions are Devised Collectively

We believe that solutions are best devised as a group, which is why we spend a day with every advisor diving deep into business issues and solutions.

People Connect 
With People

In today’s world, building your brand is more important than ever. Your brand is your people. We enable you to reach customers through a human-oriented approach.

Great Branding Creates Longevity

We believe the best way to create longevity in any business is through a healthy brand. We work to evolve your brand by putting your customer needs at the core.

Our Specialities

We specialize in helping advisors scale through marketing, pairing native knowledge with new thinking. A few of our areas of expertise include:

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Audit and Analysis

Before building any marketing plan, you have to understand where you stand within your market.

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Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation enables you to break down audiences and understand their behaviors.

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Integrated Marketing Strategy

Integrated marketing strategy transforms your business through the implementation of content and distribution.

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Social Media

Social media drives you to build your brand, communicate authentically, and develop an on-going two way dialogue with clients.

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Content Creation

Content creation helps establish a pro-active communication channel between you and your audience.

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Paid Campaigns and Digital Events

Paid campaigns and digital events help drive leads into your practice and create retention with current clients.

But most importantly, we are problem solvers.

How We Work

This philosophy allows us to solve complex problems simply.

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We start with a plan

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We build the program

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We execute with you

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We measure and adapt

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